Sunday, 17 July 2011

Of Badgers and Burrows

As you may have read in previous posts, I belong to a local writing group. Over the last two years, we have produced two books of short stories and poetry. For the first book, the material was based around our local town. For the second, we encompassed the Yorkshire Pennines.

The cover of
'Reflections of Holme'
The books are titled “Reflections of Holme” (available on and “Pennine Reflections”. Not only did I have a story printed in each, I designed (to the group's specifications) and formatted the books. My story for the first book was 'Badger Collider' and revolved around the world of the 'Burrowers'; The badgers, the moles, the rabbits, etc. who all live underground in a secret world hidden from the humans. The burrowers had built their own Particle Collider under Yorkshire, with the intention of taking back the above world from the humans. The humorous story was only around five hundred words, but it started the ball rolling.

The cover of
'Pennine Reflections'
For the second book, I decided to write a sequel that carried on the adventures of these characters, and fleshed out their world considerably more, in a story called 'Badger Chariot'. I also took the opportunity to illustrate the characters with my own sketches. Unfortunately the finished tale was too long for the allotted space, but rather than trim it down and lose much of the fun, I cut the story off at a reasonable point and added a link to a 'Badger' website. The website carries on not only the story, but provides a fun glimpse into the 'Burrower' world, with character profiles and location descriptions.

Click here to enjoy the stories and characters on 'The Burrows' website. Who knows what the future has in store, for their underground adventures...

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