Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Digital Painting - "Fairy Dust"

I've been doing some of the 'weekly' Imagine FX magazine forum competitions rather than the 'monthly' ones, which has encouraged me to speed up and improve my techniques. Instead of getting bogged down in extraneous detail, they have forced me to make sure I get maximum effect without spending hours over-working something.

The original version of this was created for the June 2011 weekly challenge entitled: "Fairy Dust"

The 'Brief' was: "Illustrate the fairy as described below, the only conditions are that she have insect-like wings (no feathers) and an outfit at least partly made of scavenged human items."

Final "Fairy Dust"
And the 'Description' was: "A (fictional) book of fairies is being launched, and the creators want a light hearted illustration of a mischievous fairy leaning against a garden gnome after painting a moustache on him with a brush or pen."

This final version is closer to what I originally had in mind, and is fairly modified from the 'final' version entered in the competition (That was somewhat limited by time), mainly in terms of the fairy's wings, along with a few minor details on the Gnome and garden, as well as the border and tinting.

The challenge picked had been my suggestion, but after completing the initial 'naked' fairy with a view to adding her garments, I decided to leave her as she was without the "...outfit at least partly made of scavenged human items.", as I felt it she had a certain 'classic' fairy look that I decided not to embellish or mess with.

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