Tuesday, 11 January 2011

'V' - The New Series - Alien Design Revealed

The new series of 'V' is due back on our screens sometime in the new year (And has already started in the U.S.) An image has been released of the proposed design for the Lizards (revealed here), sans human skin (Or Edgar Suit, for Men in Black fans).
'Visitor' lizard design - unfinished, or final concept?
The question is, can you imagine this fitting into a human shape? This article at High-Def Digest made me wonder... As a quick bit of fun, I re-positioned the creature's body parts to see (Forgive the poor editing, it was done very quickly!). I tried to stay true to the design, and only rotated body parts around the appropriate joints, without resizing. The only license I took, was shifting the shoulder pivot point upward slightly. The biggest obstacle seems to be those short thighs, and the unusual shape of the head (in comparison to a Human skull). But overall, it's certainly got potential!
Can this lizard fit into a human suit?
I rather like the design. It's nothing shockingly original and clearly going for the look of an insect crossed with a reptile, but at least it doesn't follow the usual cycle of Alien or Dinosaur designs that get over-used. It's thin and spindly, which is at least plausible for something that is doubling as a human skeleton, rather than being too bulky to be believable. It's also avoided the usual over-muscled comic-book clich├ęs.

However they do it, at least it shows a willingness to grow and take the show in new directions. A definite plus, in the wake of the somewhat lacklustre first series, and the similarly lacklustre response it initially gained. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...

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