Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Digital Painting - "Giant Parasite"

As stated in my previous article, I've been doing the 'weekly' Imagine FX magazine forum competitions rather than the 'monthly' ones, which has encouraged me to speed up and improve my techniques. Instead of getting bogged down in extraneous detail, they have forced me to make sure I get maximum effect without spending hours over-working something.

Parasitic creature designs
Here is the next one I did, toward the end of May 2011, titled: "Huge alien parasite invaders".

The brief was: "Design some huge alien parasitic creatures invading Earth."

Since most parasitic creatures are smaller than their hosts, I tried to merge the idea of a something huge with something smaller. By combining the two, I came up with a giant monster that releases tentacles with sub-creatures at the end, which hunt and capture a host, latch onto their victim, and then drain them of life and energy to support the large monster.

Being on holiday for most of the challenge time, this ended up a little too rushed. I did some design sketches while on holiday, but when I got back, had only two evenings in which to complete the finished piece. So it is heavily flawed (I may even return to it one day), but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
Final "Giant Parasite"
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