Friday, 23 September 2011

Digital Art - "The Clown"

Here's another of my entries in the Imagine FX magazine forum weekly competition.

1st Work In Progress image
The Brief: "Depict a clown after the show is over and everyone has left the circus."

The Description: "Does everyone fear clowns? This is your chance to paint a clown as you see them, either pure evil, as they really are, or as the delightfully funny characters, that they want people to think they are…….. you decide. This can be a portrait, or a full character or anything in-between."

2nd Work In Progress image
Again, I ended up leaving this entry till the last minute, and this was completed in a little over three hours. What it represents, is up to the viewer. Personally, I think it's about the idea of alien life as part of us, or simply hidden amongst, but masked by the way society ridicules and and laughs at alien abduction stories or UFO sightings.

Final Image

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