Monday, 17 October 2011

Digital Art - Concept Car

Here's another of my entries in the Imagine FX magazine forum weekly competition.

1st Work In Progress image
The challenge was to design a new product, essentially of any kind. I left myself with little time (again!) so decided to go for a futuristic concept car that I could create fairly quickly. I started with a few very rough sketches of the top, front and side, then a quick pencil sketch of the vehicle from the angle you see.

2nd Work In Progress image
I then went over this in pen and erased the pencil. the next step was to photograph it (I was too lazy too hook up my scanner), and then use it as the overlaying illustration to colour digitally. the finished illustration was started and finished in around four hours.

This final version has a few minor amends, as I decided to change the logo and title details a little.

Final Illustration

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