Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Digital Art - "Witch's Familiar"

Here's another of my entries in the Imagine FX magazine forum weekly competition.

This was created for the September 2011 weekly challenge entitled: "The Witch's Familiar"

Original Pencil Sketch
The 'Description': "In legend, a familiar or familiar spirit is a supernatural being that supports a witch or magician. Traditionally, a familiar is an animal but some are said to be humanoid."

Due to time, I wasn't initially going to enter this competition, however I decided to give it a go on the last night of entry. In order to complete it as quickly as possible, I decided to sketch the 'Familiar' in pencil first, scan it, and then colour it digitally.

Work in progress
Since the stereotypical witch's familiar is a cat, I decided to play on that. I thought that perhaps the cat is possessed, when it becomes a familiar, by some small demonic creature, which only reveals its true form to the witch. Hence my creature is not an animal, but still has some cat-like features.

Final Digital Painting

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