Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Digital Art - "Hellgirl"

This is (unsurprisingly) another of my ImagineFX Forum weekly competition entries. Here's the brief of the competition:

Simple pencil sketch
Title: "Hellboy's Perfect Pin-up"

Brief: "Hellboy needs a girlfriend, a female equivalent, design his perfect companion."

Pretty straight forward! I started with a couple of rough pencil sketches till I came out with what you can see in the first image. I then photographed it and created a more refined digital line-drawing.

Before going on to do the proper colour, I decided to try adding very rough quick colour, just to make sure I was happy with it, and work out the lighting.

Early rough colour
Once that was complete, I did the usual steps of laying down flat colour in the background and working over the top of that in lighter or darker shades.

I was quite happy with the final illustration, but I wanted something of my own that wasn't based on someone else's ideas, so after the competition I re-worked the character into a more conventional and unspecific female adventurer (which you can see as the final image).

Final competition painting
Reworked 'original' character

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