Friday, 17 August 2012

Digital Art - "Varrish"

Initial Pencil Sketch
This is yet another of my ImagineFX Forum weekly competition entries. In this case. Here's the brief of the competition:

Title: "IFX Creature Design Cover"

Brief: "You have been asked to submit your design for the next creature design IFX cover. It must show at least the head and shoulders of the creature, looking at the viewer. Remember to leave space for any text with a generic comment. Include the IFX cover text in the font of your choosing. Please note this is just for fun and not an official cover challenge!"

B&W initial paint-over
I decided to use the competition as an excuse to also design a creature for the science fiction adventure book I am writing. I had already described this alien, so I just had to create it visually.

I did a pencil sketch of the front and side view of the creature, which I photographed, and then used as a rough guide to paint over. It was a fairly straight forward painting task, but for the competition I also added a vague futuristic background. In retrospect, I realised this detracted from the creature design, and it works much more effectively with a relatively plain background.

Final Design

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