Friday, 16 March 2012

Digital Art - "Waking Mars" and "Pendragon"

I thought it was about time I added a bit more artwork, and although these two piece are at least a good few weeks old now, I realised I hand't posted them, so here goes...

As usual, these were entries for the Imagine FX magazine forum weekly competition.

Waking Mars
'Work In Progress' illustration 1
Title: "Waking Mars"

Description: "The year is 2050 and man is exploring the caverns on Mars. The expedition is run by The United Earth organisation who has spent billions on attaining the rights to any resources in this sector. During a routine mapping expedition, one of their survey teams stumbles across something unexpected. An hibernating dragon - now awakened by their presence, it is hungry and deadly."

'Work In Progress' illustration 2
Brief: "Create a Movie Poster for "Waking Mars" which displays the moment of discovery/awakening. Both dragon and human(s) need to be included in the composition, as well as the United Earth branding/logo."

I didn't leave myself enough time to finish this one properly for the competition, however, below you will see my final refined version.

In order to create it quickly, I drew it traditionally in pencil, then went over in ink and marker. Once scanned, I coloured it in Photoshop and added plenty of textures to bring it to life.

'Waking Mars' Final
I also wanted to give it an old movie poster feel, so as you will see, I've overlaid one of my own paper textures (if you remember the WWII Power Suit competition, you'll see when I originally created a few). The paper texture is all creased and folded and helps to give it the look as if it's been left in a drawer for a few years.

It's far from perfect, but it was a good experiment at how you can use colour, texture and light along with a few other little tricks, to bring life to something that was really quite quick and rough.


'Work In Progress' illustration 1
Next we have: "The Pendragon Castle of Camelot"

Description: "Depict a Pendragon Castle of Camelot."

Brief: "The castle can be anything from Fantasy style to historically accurate Roman constructions."

'Work In Progress' illustration 2
This one was created purely in Photoshop. No scanned drawings, only a couple of quick pencil sketches to get the layout straight in my head. I also wanted to experiment more with using Photoshop brushes that have a canvas texture, to see how it affected the overall look and style.

It's not brilliant, and I hate how poorly the towers and city came out, but I'm quite happy with the other elements.

'Pendragon' Final

I hope you enjoy these two new paintings!

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