Thursday, 18 February 2010

1st Blog Post! Wow!

So here I go... What, you ask, am I going to be posting in this blog, that will be of any interest to you whatsoever? Of course this is entirely dependent on your personal tastes, but as a brief idea...

1 - Movie Reviews. Yes, okay, everyone does them. I'm a movie nut, and I'm going to do them too. With a little luck, you'll find my reviews informative, thoughtful, and I'll probably stir the pot from time to time with views that most of you will disagree with, but hey, that's half the fun isn't it? (I've already written quite a few over the years, so I'll get them uploaded and very quickly have a full library already to add to. So keep checking!)

2 - Writing. Being an unpublished writer, I will no doubt post many thoughts on this process. Both the successes and failures, the ideas and dreams.

3 - Science. I can't say that I'm a great genius or anything (No surprises there, then!) but being a prospective science fiction author, I often find the latest achievements in science to be rather interesting and thought provoking. If I can think of an interesting discussion, I'll post my thoughts.

4 - Philosophical Musings. Well, since you already know I am endeavouring to be an author, it will come as no shock to learn that I will also be posting my regular thoughts on everything from life and art to politics and society. You may find it profound or idiotic, but that's up to you!

So read, enjoy, and let's get going... :D

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